October 2020 | 8 Things to consider before you hire the best DUI attorney near me.

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We receive a thousands of emails and post comments with a common question “How do I hire the best DUI Attorney near me?”, or “What to take care of, when hiring the best DUI Attorney near me?

The only way you would be able to find and hire the best DUI attorney is, by remaining calm in a stressful situation which might be occupying your mind way too much.

It’s very important to plan for the daunting legal DUI fight that lies-ahead. This article aims to help you with “8 Things to consider before you hire the best DUI attorney near me.”

YES, you may be worried about the consequences: Losing a lot of money (DUI costs a lot of money, say about $5000 to $8000). Losing your freedom (DUI can result in a jail term up-to 6 months). Losing your convenience of driving (Your Driver’s license may get suspended) and so-on.

In the midst of all this, losing your mind is most-obvious.

More than 2 million US citizens were arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in 2019. Many of them are currently fighting their DUI, and some of them are even in jails.

And then, we get such comments too:

“Hey, I was able to beat my DUI, all because I found the best DUI attorney near me.”– Paul Robbins, New York City.

Yes, Beating a DUI is possible!

In this panicky and worrisome situation, It’s very easy to lose your calm and say, “Let me hire the first available DUI attorney near me”. After all they all are law experts and have passed the bar exam.

Unfortunately, hiring the best DUI attorney is not that easy. It’s like- too many to choose from and very few who can actually be good.

A novice DUI attorney can further complicate your case. And, a seasoned DUI attorney can make the situation less stressful by thoroughly analyzing the case. He decides whether to plead guilty or to go for a trial, and can anchor you through the complicated legal procedures.

Blood Alcohol Concentration Level (BAC) parameter of 0.8 are same everywhere. However, all states have different DUI laws and procedures. Some states may also charge you for more than 1 violations/offences. Hence, it’s highly advisable to hire the best local DUI lawyer near me.

Like any other challenging situation, if you are not thinking right, the situation is bound to get worse.

Lets understand step-by-step, how to hire the best DUI lawyer to beat your DUI.

1. Make a list of potentially-best DUI Attorneys.

(How do I begin to find the best DUI lawyer near me?)

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We all understand the importance of finding the best DUI attorney. Like other important decisions of your life, you need to explore all available options.

Personal references or the National and state bar associations can come very handy here. Prepare a list of DUI attorneys that you can meet in-person.

  • PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: You can start by jotting-down the names of all legal-professionals that you or your connects might have dealt with in the past.

Don’t hesitate to reach your personal connects to see if someone has dealt with a DUI attorney and what was the DUI attorney’s performance and the outcome. This recommended DUI attorney should definitely be there on the top of your list.

However, please remember that all DUI cases and circumstances are not the same. Hence, we don’t need to be too-positive and immediately shortlist a DUI attorney on someone’s recommendation.

  • NATIONAL COLLEGE OF DUI DEFENSE: The NCDD organization is dedicated for DUI research and guidance. It has a comprehensive directory of DUI attorneys, you can narrow-down your search by State-City-Locality.


  • NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS: This is a comprehensive list of criminal defense lawyers. This is a reliable directory of all criminal lawyers in the United States of America, again you can search as per your locality.


  • STATE BAR ASSOCIATION IN YOUR STATE: State bar associations have all the lawyers listed on its directory. You can find all the DUI attorneys in you city and state on this list. You can also check the years of experience, overall as well as on DUI.



In addition to this, you can always search some of the top websites online. These websites have DUI attorneys’ rankings and case histories.

2. Don’t hire the best attorney, Hire the best DUI attorney.

(How to ensure I get the best DUI attorney near me?)

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      The number of years of experience don’t really matter, what really matter is the experience in handling the DUI cases. You might find an attorney who has 15 years of criminal law experience, but has hardly handled 3-4 DUI cases in his long career. Such a DUI attorney cannot be good for you.

Also, there are DUI attorneys who do a lot of DUI cases, but they are not experts of trials and have hardly appeared in trial courts. Again, this DUI attorney is not good for you at all.

Then, there are DUI attorneys, who expertise in DUI pleas as well as DUI trials. These attorneys will be able to anticipate what to expect in your particular case. They will be able to devise an effective strategy beforehand.

3. Shortlist the most qualified DUI Attorneys.

(How do I shortlist the best DUI attorney near me?)

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Technically, all the attorneys are well-qualified as they have passed the bar exam, and they are licensed to practice in your state courts.

However, it’s not that simple.

Just because someone has the basic qualification for the job, doesn’t mean he would get the job done for you. In-fact, choosing the wrong DUI attorneys is one of worst mistake you can make.

An in-experienced DUI attorney can be responsible for harsh, stricter outcomes of the DUI case.

You need to consider the following points to ascertain the best DUI attorney for you.

  • FREE DUI CONSULTATION: Almost all DUI attorneys offer a free consultation, if anyone doesn’t, don’t chose him/her.

While the DUI attorney will be trying to influence and impress you, you should utilize this free consultation to understand his experience, and past track-record. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and verify his claims.

  • LOCAL EXPERIENCE: Many a times, we come across situations where you chose a big lawyer, but he is not experienced of practicing in your state. He then associates with the local lawyer in your state and gets the case tried.

We all understand that DUI laws vastly differ state to state. A DUI lawyer, who is experienced of practicing in your own state, will only be able to do the best possible job for your DUI case.

  • WORKING DIRECTLY WITH THE DUI Attorney: In your first meeting with the DUI attorney, you need to ask him a few things. Whether he will be working with you directly. updating you personally of all the developments. If you are not satisfied with his answer, it’s better to drop this DUI attorney. However, qualified he might sound to you otherwise.

4. Consider the cost of DUI Attorneys.

(Will the best DUI attorney near me cost too much?)

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It’s a myth that if you pay more, you will get a better DUI attorney and win the case.

DUIs can be very expensive, and not everyone is in a position to pay a very big amount of money for a DUI attorney.

DUI attorney’s average charges are about $2000, and other costs involved are about $3000. So a 1st DUI should cost you about $5000 to $7000 in most cases. DUI attorney’s charges also vary, depending on the fact whether you accept the plea or opt to go for a trial.

 If you accept the plea the DUI attorney’s charges range between $700 to $1000. DUI attorney’s charges are $1000 to $3000 for the trials.

And remember, it’s not just the DUI attorney’s fees that you have to plan about. You will have to bear the inflated insurance premiums, loss of employment due to jail time and DUI School’s fees etc.

Hence, it’s very important to ask the following questions to your DUI attorney:

  1. Do you bill by hour, or a flat fee (a flat fee is always better).
  2. Are there any other charges, or this fee is all inclusive (always go for an all-inclusive fee).
  3. Are there some other legal expenses (It’s better to take an estimate of what may be the court charges).
  4. What will be my payment options? What if I ever be late? (Set a right expectation about your financial state).

5. Public Defenders and Representing yourself.

(Why shall I pay? I can hire Public defenders and Free DUI attorney near me)

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Well, you have every right to represent yourself in your DUI case, and we are not judging your intellect as well. However, something as important as a DUI definitely deserves an expert representation.

An experienced and expert DUI lawyer can analyze your case well and find the procedural loopholes to get you out of your DUI.

Realistically speaking, it’s nearly impossible to successfully representing yourself in a DUI case.

At the same time, everyone has a basic right to be defended in a criminal case, and if you can’t afford a DUI Attorney, a Public Defender (PD) will be provided to you by the court.

Nothing against Public Defenders, they are the expert of DUI cases and are champions of law. However, since they are available for free, they are always overburdened and may not pay the attention to your DUI that you deserve.

6. Don’t waste time.

(My court date is way off, when shall I begin looking for a DUI attorney near me?)

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It’s very common for people to go-slow in approaching a DUI attorney if the first court date is a little far away.

This delay can prove to be very costly to you. If you approach a DUI attorney in time, he can probably suggest you to go for an alcoholic treatment, or apply at the state motor department to challenge the license suspension in time.

At times, finding and shortlisting the best DUI attorney near you can also take a lot of time, so you should not waste any time, and start the process of hiring the best DUI attorney as early as possible.

7. Easy to work with. Comforting Nature.

(I have a very good DUI attorney near me, but he is a little rude, shall I go for him?)

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DUI can be very distressing. The last thing that you want is, dealing with a DUI attorney who judges you, pities you, or bashes you.

In your first consultation itself. You should see if his personality matches with yours, do you feel comfortable dealing with him.

The human touch is very important in such cases. if you have to tell your story to someone who constantly nags you, asks you inappropriate questions, or rubs you the wrong way. This will turn out to be a very big problem later on, best that in the beginning itself, you chose someone who is easy to work with and comforting.

8. Don’t Hire a DUI Attorney, before meeting at-least 3.

(I am lucky to find a good DUI attorney near me in the first meeting itself. Why should I not hire him immediately?)

All lawyers are witty and impressive. In their first and free consultation to you, their only goal is to impress you and make you hire them.

Your instinct may tell you, that you have found your perfect DUI attorney in the first meeting itself. Still, it is better to meet at-least 2 more DUI attorneys to do a comparative analysis.

The chances to find the best DUI attorney brighten-up, if you give yourself some options.


As described in detail in this article, a DUI is a very stressful situation to deal with, but it’s important to not lose your head while finding the best DUI attorney.

A wrong DUI attorney can further complicate your DUI. A good DUI attorney, at about 70% of times, can find so many ways to beat your DUI.

Remember, you always have a chance to beat a DUI case, irrespective whether you were over the legal limit or whatever the test results were.

A skilled and experience DUI lawyer can help you by finding flaws in police reports, breath analyzer tests, omission & mistakes in facts etc.

Any Mistakes by police in following the proper procedures can give you a benefit of doubt, and help you come out of DUI charges.

In a matter as serious as a DUI, you definitely need a more than competent representation.

Do read the DUI FAQs, It’s always better to know what you are really into.

All the best with you DUI, Hope you come out of it soon.

Do leave your questions or comments below. We promise, you will definitely hear back from us.

October 2020 | I’m looking for the best DUI classes near me… | Wait! Read DUI Classes FAQs first.

DUI Classes near me

“I am looking for the best dui classes near me” is the most common sentence we hear from our readers. We are also asked:

        1. How do I find the cheapest DUI classes near me?
        2. Are there any online DUI classes near me?
        3. Are DUI classes near me approved from DMV?
        4. Can I attend the DUI classes near me, or I have to attend the DUI classes in the state of arrest?
        5. How long do I have to attend the DUI classes near me?

To answer these and many other questions related to DUI classes, we brought together a team of DUI lawyers and attorneys of different states.

This is a comprehensive list of DUI Classes FAQs and their verified answers. These FAQs will most definitely cover all small-big queries that you can possibly have on DUI classes.

FAQs on DUI Classes near me.

 What are DUI classes called?

DUI classes are also called as ALCOHOL DRUG EDUCATION TRAFFIC SCHOOLS (ADETS), ADETS Education and treatment classes, Alcohol treatment classes, Alcohol education programs, DUI Treatment programs, Drunk Driving treatment schools etc.

I got a DUI/DWI/OUI, How do I get my driving license reinstated?

If you are facing a DWI or a DUI, or an OUI, You must take following steps to get your driving license reinstated:

  • Step-1. SUBSTANCE ABUSE ASSESSMENT: You need to get this assessment done from any authorized DUI/DWI/OUI service provider in you state.
  • Step-2. ATTEND ALCOHOL DRUG EDUCATION TRAFFIC SCHOOL (ADETS): Complete the prescribed training from any DUI service provider in your state.
  • Step-3. APPLY FOR THE LICENSE REINSTATEMENT AT DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES: You need to first complete the suspension period ordered by the court. After that, you can apply for the license reinstatement at your local DMV office. You need to pay the prescribed fee and submit your certificate of completion received from ADETS.

 Does court order alcohol or drug treatment in each DUI case?

No, the court orders the treatments only when it finds that the offender might be an addict. The poor decision making and irresponsibility is quite evident on the part of the driver, as he chose to drive under the influence. But, this one-time behavior doesn’t mean that the person is an addict. Court looks into the following factors before deciding if the DUI offender is an addict and needs treatment:

      1. Ongoing negligence of family, work, personal and social responsibilities.
      2. Spending unjustified amount of time, money and energy on drinking.
      3. The use of alcohol in combination of other prohibited drugs.
      4. History of past alcohol or drug related offences.

I need to complete the assessment for my DUI charge, Can DUI classes near me do it?

You can get the assessment done from any of the authorized DUI service providers, which are also called as ALCOHOL DRUG EDUCATION TRAFFIC SCHOOLS (ADETS).

I got a DUI. I got the DUI assessment done from a center in Buffalo, NY. Can I attend the DUI classes near me? Say, in New York City?

You can complete your recommended training by attending DUI classes in any location in your state. Assessment certificate received from authorized service provider can be presented to DUI classes where you want to complete your treatment.

What all documents are needed for getting the DUI assessment done from a school of DUI classes near me?

      1. The court order (Citation).
      2. Reports and documentation of alcohol levels at the time of the arrest.
      3. Driving record from all the states that you have resided. It should include record of all your previous DUIs/DWIs/OUIs as well as traffic offences.

What are the charges for a DUI assessment from DUI classes near me?

It varies from state to state. For an example, in the state of New York, it is $110. Other states also charge more or less the same.

I have completed my DUI assessment. How long can I wait to join the DUI classes near me?

The DUI assessment has a validity of 6 months. You can attend DUI classes at any location of your state within 6 months of your DUI assessment. If you don’t attend DUI classes within 6 months, you need to get the DUI assessment done again.

Why did I not qualify for the ALCOHOL DRUG EDUCATION TRAFFIC SCHOOLS (ADETS), was instead given a treatment?

You need to meet the following criteria to qualify for the ADETS education, instead of a treatment:

      1. It’s your first DUI/DWI, You have had no past DUI/DWI on your record.
      2. Your BAC level was less than 0.14, at the time of the arrest.
      3. You didn’t oppose to any chemical alcohol tests.
      4. You met the criteria of level 0.5 (Early Intervention criteria).

How long is the ADETS training program? How much does it cost in DUI classes near me?

ADETS education course requires 16 hours of training, to be done in minimum 5 days. The course fee defers state to state. In the state of New York for example, it is $160 ($10/hour).

What are different ADETS (education) treatments which can be availed in DUI classes near me?

  1. ADETS education program: Hours: Minimum 16. Days: Minimum: 5
  2. Short term outpatient alcohol and drugs treatment: Hours: 20-39. Days: Minimum 30
  3. Longer term outpatient alcohol and drugs treatment: Hours: 40-89. Days: Minimum 60
  4. Intensive outpatient alcohol and drugs treatment: Hours: Minimum 90. Days: Minimum 90
  5. Inpatient/Residential alcohol and drugs treatment: Minimum 90 days.

How much does the DUI alcohol treatment cost in DUI classes near me?

Governments or courts do not set any criteria on the pricing of the DUI alcohol treatments. However, DUI classes’ charges normally range between $10-$20/ hour.

Do I have to do both ADETS (Education) and Treatment at DUI classes near me?

No, Your DUI order will clearly specify whether you are required to do the alcohol education or the treatment. In case of treatment, the order will also specify the intensity and the duration of the treatment.

I live in New York (NY), and the DUI arrest happened in North Carolina (NC). Can I get the DUI assessment, treatment or education done in DUI Classes near me, in NY?

Yes. You can get the assessment, education, or the training done in your own state.

However, since your driving license is blocked in North Carolina, You need to present the assessment and treatment completion certifications to any of the authorized DUI service providers in the state of North Carolina.

The North Carolina service provider will review your documents and certificates. They will fill a form (Form e-508) and issue a completion certificate valid in North Carolina. You then need to apply for the driving license reinstatement at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in North Carolina.

The same process applies to all other states in Unites States of America.

Should I attend the DUI classes near me, even before the final sentencing?

Yes. We would certainly recommend you to attend your DUI education, treatment before your final court date. This will give you a mitigating factor on the sentencing day, and you may qualify for a lesser punishment.

I took DART and some other alcohol treatments while I was in prison for the DUI? Do I still need to take DUI classes near me?

If your alcohol treatments in the prison happened after the DUI charge. These are counted as valid treatments.

You need to get an ADETS assessment and review done at any of the authorized DUI classes near you. They will assess if you have already completed the recommended treatment as ordered by the court, or if any more treatment is required.

Can I choose a treatment program from a private DUI classes near me? Instead of the program at the courthouse?

YES. You have a freedom to choose any treatment program. Just ensure that the program meets the minimum standards prescribed by the courthouse. The DUI classes must be authorized by the state government as well.

The courthouses run single programs for all kinds of DUI offenders. The only measure of the success of the program is, if the offender re-offended in 12 months after the program.

It’s a myth that the private DUI classes’ charges are very high. In fact, some DUI classes charge even lower than the courthouses.

I am prescribed Suboxone, Subutex, etc. Will the DUI classes near me accept me into DUI treatment program?

Well not all, but most of the DUI classes do accept people with opiod use disorder, who are currently in some medication assisted therapy. People can attend these program as outpatients or in-patients as recommended by the court.

Do the DUI education and treatment plans conducted by DUI classes near me really help, or are they necessary just to comply the court orders?

A lot of people take the DUI classes as a court’s punishment. That’ where it loses its value.

The Court, the state, the DUI classes and you should have same motto. That is to get rid of the addiction, be a responsible citizen and lead a happy life.

DUI classes run state-monitored, state-prescribed programs. The instructors and therapists there are approved by the government. There’s a lot that you can gain from them. This should be taken as a blessing in disguise which can change your life for good.

Can I take DUI classes online?

Yes. But not in all states, and not all the programs. You can take DUI classes online in a few states only. Check the list of states which accept online DUI classes.

How do DUI classes near me work?

DUI classes run many different programs. First the assessment should be done at the authorized DUI classes near you. Depending on the court order and the assessment done by the DUI classes. Your DUI treatment program may take from 16 hours to 90+ hours, and from 5 days to 90+ days. You may attend the DUI classes as outpatient or inpatient (day care).

Will they drug test me at DUI classes near me?

The ADETS education program (which is for 16 hours, in minimum 5 days) and some other short duration programs do not require any drug tests, at the start or end of the DUI classes. these programs cover some facts and statistics, some anecdotes, behavioral education, and some motivational lectures.

Long duration ADETS programs require drug and alcohol tests. DUI classes do these tests before the start of the programs, during the programs, and after the programs. One of the basic requirement of the DUI classes is to be sober while attending the DUI classes.

How many hours of DUI school are required for a first DUI conviction at DUI classes near me?

In the case of first DUI, The hours of DUI classes depend on:

      1. Court Order requirements.
      2. ADETS assessment at DUI classes.
      3. Alcohol levels at the time of the arrest. (Less than 0.14 BAC may even qualify for 16 hours in minimum 5 days.)

Are DUI classes mandatory?

Yes, in most states. However, the duration and severity of DUI classes differ in each individual case. It depends on whether it was a 1st DUI or repeat offence, your blood alcohol levels (BAC) at the time of the arrest etc.

How many hours of DUI school are required for a second DUI conviction at DUI classes near me?

In the case of first DUI, The hours of DUI classes depend on:

      1. Court Order requirements.
      2. ADETS assessment at DUI classes.
      3. Alcohol levels at the time of the arrest.
      4. Past alcoholic and drug history.
      5. Past records of DUI classes, etc.

What happens if I don’t do DUI classes near me?

DUI programs are court-mandated. Court orders these procedures in addition to fines, jail term and license suspension.

If you don’t attend mandatory DUI classes. The court can issue an arrest order against you, which can ultimately result in huge fines or even a jail term.

Will they breath-analyze me in the DUI classes near me?

The basic requirement of a DUI class is to be sober during the class.

If they suspect, DUI classes can do breath analyzer tests, or other chemical alcohol tests. If they find you under the influence, the DUI school can drop you from the DUI classes or expel you from the program.

How much does the DUI classes near me cost?

The ADETS education program costs $160 in every state. This basic program is for 16 hours, and minimum 5 days.

There are other short-term and long-term, inpatient and outpatient programs. Government or courts do not regulate the fee of these programs. They generally range between $10 to $20/hour.

 What do DUI classes near me consist of?

The DUI classes generally consist of lectures, videos, group discussions, guests speaking on DUI laws of the state. It includes facts and statistics of the DUI related accidents, and other consequences of a drug abuse. They also arrange therapy and psychological sessions.

Can I transfer the DUI classes from another state, to the DUI classes near me?

No, All states don’t  allow you to take DUI classes from other states. Generally, You need to complete the DUI classes  in the state where the license suspension took place.

To check the state wise rules, check the list of states which accept other state DUI classes.

Which DUI program shall I take in DUI classes near me?

All DUI schools run various short and long term DUI programs, and outpatient-and in-patient programs.

You have to take a DUI program which complies the court order. All DUI classes conduct an assessment before recommending a DUI program for you. Your court order, past DUI history, alcohol history and criminal records are important factors.

What happens if I don’t finish my DUI program at DUI classes near me?

If the court has ordered it, then you have to finish your DUI program. If you don’t, the court can issue an arrest warrant against you. This may result in huge fines, or even a jail term.

If you are not able to complete you DUI classes at one school, you can always attend the remaining program hours at any other school in your state.

How long do DUI classes last?

The DUI classes last anywhere between 16 hours to 90+ hours, within minimum 5 days to 90+ days. The duration of the DUI classes depend on your court order, and the assessment done by the DUI classes.

What is a DUI class like?

The DUI classes generally revolve around DUI laws, and education and training on alcohol and drug consumption.  They use lectures, videos, group-discussions, case study analysis and anecdotes to effectively cascade the importance of adherence of DUI/DWI/OUI laws.

What is ADETS?

ADETS stands for ALCOHOL DRUG EDUCATION TRAFFIC SCHOOL. It is an educational program for people who got DUI/DWI/OUI. ADETS education program can be part of DUI sentencing, which a DUI offender has to do.

ADETS education program is for 16 hours, which needs to be done in minimum 5 days. It costs a standard fee of $110.

How do I find the best DUI classes near me?

You should choose your DUI classes wisely. You should shortlist your DUI classes on the basis of following criteria:

      1. Check if the DUI classes near you are authorized by the state.
      2. Check if the DUI classes near you are running programs which comply with your court order.
      3. Find-out about the success rate of the DUI classes. (How many people quit the addiction).
      4. Consider the experience and expertise levels of instructors, specialists at the DUI classes near you.
      5. Don’t pay a very high fee. All DUI classes offer discounts and negotiate their pricing.

What do DUI classes near me focus on?

      1. Effect of alcohol and drugs on driving.
      2. Consequences of a DUI/DWI/OUI conviction, and its effect on personal life.
      3. Learning to avoid drinking and driving.
      4. How to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction.

Do DUI classes also offer discounts and flexible payment plans?

DUI classes or DUI service providers are private entities. Their fees generally range from $10 to $20 for outpatients. They do offer discounts and also negotiate their pricing.

DUI classes also face a lot of completion. If you try hard, and try well. You can get a good price on your DUI classes.

Do DUI schools near me also help me in driving license reinstatement?

When you get a DUI/DWI/OUI, the court sets a mandatory condition of attending DUI classes for driving license reinstatement.

When you have successfully attended the DUI classes as recommended by the court. You get the completion certificate from the Driving classes.

You need to apply at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the license reinstatement and need to submit the treatment program completion certificate with your application.

How do I ensure to choose the legally-authorized DUI schools near me?

If you got a DUI/DWI/OUI. The court can choose the program for you, or you can chose the program at any third-party DUI classes near you.

However, you need to ensure that the DUI classes near you, must be approved by:

1. The State Department of Licensing and Regulation (DLR)

2. The State Department of Public Safety (DPS)

3. The State Department of Transportation (DOT), and

4. The State Department of Criminal Justice (DCJ)

Do DUI classes really help?

 Most people take DUI classes as a punishment, just like other consequences of a DUI.

DUI classes, and alcohol treatments should be taken as an opportunity to get rid of your addiction. The programs and the instructors have so much to offer you. It’s just that you need to be willing to take advantage of it.

Courses are scientifically designed and aimed to make you responsible towards yourself, your family and the society at large.

You can also find some useful information on California state’s DUI website.

If you are facing a DUI/DWI, you definitely need to go through our DWI/DUI FAQs.

We are a not-for-profit organization and never ask for any payments for any of our services. We feel happy when we are able to help you.

Do write your comments or questions below. We promise, you will definitely hear-back from us.








October 2020 | I am looking for a DWI Lawyer near me… | Wait! Learn from the most-read “Joe’s DWI story”.

DWI Lawyer near me_Featured
  1. I am facing a DWI. How do I find the best DWI lawyer near me?
  2. I don’t have any good DWI lawyer near me, Can I hire one from a different city/state?
  3. Do I really need a DWI lawyer near me? What can a DUI lawyer near me do for a DUI?
  4. Can I beat a DWI without a DWI lawyer near me?

Our readers ask these questions all the time.

A lot of our readers share their DWI stories with us. Our DWI research team publishes the select DWI stories on the web, and encourages our readers to learn from others’ DWI experience.

The DWI is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen to anyone. It brings with-it a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, in-stability, social-stigma, mental-agony, financial loss and many other serious consequences.

Being in a stressful situation, we tend to lose our patience and judgmental abilities. With such an unbalanced state of mind, it’s very likely to make impulsive, emotional, rash decisions (especially when it comes to hiring a DWI lawyer).

Unbelievable, but true! 90% of people hire the first DWI lawyer that they come across.

Read and learn-from Joe’s DWI story.

Finally, I am getting around to talking about it. I was just 22 back then. I decided to go for a concert, which was about 45 minutes away from my home. My friend and his friend picked me up.

At the concert, we were enjoying ourselves and having a gala time. It all started with a beer, I didn’t want to incapacitate myself and limited my intake to just two beers.  But in no time, both my friends were heavily drunk. After the concert, I had some water to sober up, by this time it had already been about an hour since we drank.

(1: I should not have thought, I would be able to keep my alcohol levels under check, especially when I had to drive soon after.)

Being the most sober, I had no choice but to drive ourselves home. I felt in complete control, so it didn’t seem like a very big deal.

I could have taken a national highway route which was fast and short. Rather, I chose the state highway all the way up. I dropped-off to both of my friends one after another.

Just when I was hardly 2 minutes away from my street, my cell phone fell off my hand. As I leaned to get it, I lost balance and the car hit a fire hydrant. It was not a very big impact, as I was on a relatively slow speed.

When I was coming out of the car, I saw two cops on the other side of the road, they were busy with someone they had already pulled over.

One of those cops came to check on me and asked, If I was drinking. I was nervous and scared, didn’t know what to say, and could say nothing. They did some field sobriety tests on me, asked me to stand on one leg, to point at my nose twice. Officer also threw flash-light on my eyes, and found them watery. I had passed all the tests.

They still ll handcuffed me and took me to the station.

I was fully aware of what was happening, I was co-operative with the cops for all their routine procedures and paperwork. They did a blood alcohol test on me, and to my horror I tested .09, just past the legal limit of 0.8. They stripped me off all my possessions except my clothes.

My booking report read: Suspect Joe Cooper. Inventory black leather wallet, containing identification, one VISA credit card, and $75; 4-door black Nissan Altima, impounded.

I was put into a holding cell. My reports were emailed to the District Attorney’s office (D.A.), they fixed a bail amount of $1000, and I was allowed to make a phone call. I called my girl-friend, who paid the bail amount and took me home.

(2: I cooperated with the authorities. I didn’t’ have any DWI lawyer near me till then)

I was ashamed of myself, couldn’t give any justifications. Thankfully, I had a very supportive girlfriend, she didn’t ask any questions at all.

Now, I faced one of the toughest questions of my life “How do I find the best DWI lawyer near me?”

My DWI hearing was a week away.

I, like many others who face a DWI, didn’t have courage to seek advice from any of my close contacts. Forget about how to answer their questions, I didn’t even know what to ask.

Internet seemed like an anonymous option. I typed on google “Cheap DWI lawyer near me” , “Best DWI lawyer near me”, “Successful DWI lawyer near me.” etc. There were plenty of DWI lawyers near me to choose from, I just didn’t know whom to pick and whom to reject, and on what grounds.

I randomly called a DWI lawyer near me, He seemed to be the best DWI lawyer that I could get. He heard my story and told that we can fight and even win this DWI. His fee ($4000) seemed pretty high to me, but I agreed to pay, I was to visit him the next day. The whole day, I kept thinking about how I would arrange the money.

(3: I made a mistake of not exploring enough options, before finalizing a DWI lawyer near me.)

I figured out I had to borrow some money from someone. I called my friend Roger (He was the one who’d picked me up for the concert). When I told Roger about the DWI lawyer near me that I had chosen, and his fee of $4000, He didn’t seem to approve of it.

I didn’t know until that moment that Roger had faced a DWI about 2 years ago. He had so much of experience that could’ve helped me in finding the best DWI lawyer near me.

(4: I should’ve sought advice from my connections, before even looking for a DWI lawyer near me.)

Roger recommended couple of DWI lawyers near me. I went to meet first of them the next day, the fees was $2500 and this lawyer seemed like a perfect bet. He told me about many DWIs that he had successfully beaten in courts. He had about 20 years’ practice and sounded helpful too.

I called Roger from the outside of this lawyer’s office, and told that I wanted to hire this DWI lawyer near me. Roger really had to work hard to convince me to meet the next DWI lawyer near me before making a final decision. I felt no need for it, but still went to this other DWI lawyer near me.

(5: I should’ve explored all my options before hiring a DWI attorney near me.)

In the evening, I met the next DWI lawyer near me. Paul sounded so sharp yet so humble. He heard me patiently, asked probing questions, and noted down all necessary details. He told me that I had a huge scope of beating down this DWI and also laid-out a brief plan on how he wanted to approach this case.

I later got to know from online reviews that Paul was the most successful DWI lawyer near me. He had about 6 years’ practice, and he had always been a DWI lawyer and a DWI expert.

I also got to know that Roger’s wife Nancy was a District Attorney (DA). Both of them were pretty well connected with all the local DWI lawyers near me, as well as with prosecutors, policemen and judges in my city. Roger’s fee was $3000. I immediately hired him and shared all my documents and details.

(6: I hired a DWI lawyer near me, who was LOCAL and WELL-CONNECTED)

Paul spent the next day talking to the local policeman and gathered the video recording of the arrest, as well as the blood alcohol report.

He met the District Attorney (DA), they were friends with each-other for long. Paul convinced the DA that my record was spot-less, I was not a big threat to the society, and how a DWI on my record will destroy my life. They struck a deal and put me on a lesser charge, instead of a DWI.

DA didn’t want me to go scot-free though, They charged me with “Reckless Driving”. No DUI/DWI on my record, 120 hours of community service and 6 months’ probation.

(7: The DWI lawyer near me told that 90% of DWIs end-up in Plea-Bargains.)

On the trial day, Paul and DA informed the presiding judge about our deal. Paul had asked me to plead ‘No-Contest’ instead of ‘Guilty’. Paul informed me that a ‘Guilty’ plea could have harmed me in subsequent trials. Say, if the district authorities wanted to sue me for the fire hydrant that I had ran into.

I was let off! I felt relieved to have finally come out of it. Yes, I was able to beat this DWI because I had the best possible DWI lawyer near me. I felt free, but not too proud of it. Since then, I have never drank before driving.

I can never thank Roger enough that he literally dragged me into meeting this excellent DWI lawyer near me.

(8: It was so IMPORTANT to hire the DWI-Expert DWI lawyer near me.

If you are facing a DWI, you definitely need to go through our DWI/DUI FAQs.

You should also check some useful information on Department of Motor Vehicles website.

We are a not-for-profit organization, We never ask you for any payments for any of our services.

Do write your comments or questions below. We promise, you will definitely hear-back from us.












October 2020 | Hiring a DWI Attorney? | Learn from the most-read “Edward’s DWI story”.

DWI Attorney_Featured.

Are you facing a DWI? If Yes, You must be searching for a DWI attorney to help you beat your DWI.

Do you know, what is the biggest mistake people commit while shortlisting a DWI attorney for them?

Astonishing, but true! 90% of people hire the FIRST DWI attorney that they come-across. People don’t even care to explore their options, or they don’t seek help from people who have already faced a DWI.

Before finalizing a DWI attorney, you must read our short article on Common Mistakes to avoid while hiring a DWI attorney.

Let’s now read and learn-from the most-appreciated, most-watched “Edward’s DWI Attorney story”

I was part of the sales team of this insurance company. We had achieved some amazing sales numbers in the last quarter of the year. To celebrate, 5 of us gathered at a new bar, which we had been dying to try out for so long. We all were relaxed and relieved, having ended a tough year with flying colors, after-all insurance is one of the toughest things to sell.

Couple of us did a round of shots, followed with many rounds of various cocktails. We never thought that we had had enough, and it seemed too early to call it a night. Then my friend, Josh started acting very weird and clearly he was not in a condition to drive. I decided to drive him home. Well, this turned out to be a very bad idea, because when I reached the parking lot, I realized I was not as sharp as I was assuming inside.

Having no choice but to drive, I put Josh in the car with the help of my friends, and headed home. I was not feeling confident of my driving. I kept promising myself to not do drink-driving again if I came out safe from this misadventure today. This was not to be,  A tree seemed to appear in front of the car from nowhere, and we hit it badly.

The next thing that I remember, Paramedics carried me out from the car and police was after us for our statements. Fortunately, none of us got badly injured. May be because we were doing slow speeds, or because we both were wearing seat-belts, or simply because God wanted to save me for facing a DWI.

(Learning 1: When you have to drive home after the drink, avoid that drink. Never think, you will control how much to drink.)

They charged me with a DWI 2 days later. I felt scared, concerned, traumatized, emotional, vulnerable and stupid.

In such an emotional state of mind, it was difficult to make a right decision, but I still had to decide about hiring a best-possible DWI attorney.

I checked online to find the best DWI attorney in my city. Shortlisted an expensive-looking law firm which boasted of having on-board an experienced team of DWI attorneys. I visited this law firm, met a DWI attorney there, he seemed like a perfect answer to all my trauma, anxiety and scare. I, in my mind, had almost hired him. At that point, a thought of meeting any other DWI attorney didn’t even cross my mind.

(Learning 2: Meet at least 3 DWI attorneys before you hire. It’s always better to explore your options.)

I was to return in the evening, with all my documents and the first installment of the payment.

My friend Josh visited me that afternoon, We discussed about this law firm and about this DWI attorney. He was shocked to hear the name of the attorney. To my surprise, he told that this lawyer does not even possess a license to practice in our state. He is a renowned criminal lawyer of a different state but is not a DWI expert at all. Such lawyers sub-let your DWI case to a junior lawyer of your state, and monitor the progress remotely.

I dug deeper, did a reference check on this so-called DWI attorney, spoke to some friends and relatives, and researched online.

I ultimately found that Josh was right, and he had saved me from making a huge mistake, which could have been too costly for me and my family to handle.

(Learning 3: Don’t be too ashamed of your DWI. You need to check with-in your contacts to see if anyone knows a good DWI attorney.)

I again had to begin my search to find the best DWI attorney.

I had researched and made a check list of what I did want in the next DWI attorney that I meet, and how I wanted to pursue this lawyer-hunt.

Reached out to many of my friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors to see if anybody has had a DWI, and can recommend a good local DWI attorney. In the process, I came across a lot of DWI stories of people. And, finally on a neighbor’s lead, I found a good DWI attorney.

I met Andrea, who was truly a DWI expert. In her relatively short career of about 7 years, she had fought at least 100 DWIs, and her success rate was over 60%. Throughout her career, she had practiced only in my state, and only on DWI cases. This meant she knew about DWI tests, arrest procedures and legal loopholes much better than even the prosecutors or the cops.

(Learning 4: You don’t want just a good attorney, you want a good DWI ATTORNEY. Hire a lawyer, who is a DWI expert)

One more advantage that she brought to the case was, because of her local practice, Everyone knew her and she was friendly to all local lawyers, prosecutors, cops and even judges.

She patiently heard my story, asking questions in-between and noting many details. I was embarrassed initially because of my guilt, but because she was amiable and comfortable to work with, I felt comfortable dealing with her. In this first conversation, I didn’t feel intimidated, nagged and judged at all.

After hearing my story, she told that she was quite hopeful that we would beat this DWI. She had found a procedural error on the part of cops, and she strongly thought it will help us in the court.

(Learning 5: Hire a DWI attorney who you feel ‘comfortable to deal with’. Immediately drop a DWI attorney who is not easy to work with, however good he may be otherwise.)

She used her investigative ability and local connections to the fullest, and gathered the video footage and Intoxilyzer 5000 (breath-analyzer) report from the local cops.

In the first meeting, the public prosecutor persuaded me to plead guilty. As per him, it will save me a lot of trouble and money, because this was a pretty obvious case of a DWI and there was not even a remote chance that this DWI could have been beaten. Andrea, my DWI attorney, didn’t agree to the prosecutor and told that she would want the case to go to the trials. I felt susceptible, but chose to trust Andrea.

(Learning 6: All Prosecutors are over-burdened and over-worked, they don’t want you to go for trials.)

In the second meeting, My DWI attorney Andrea told the public prosecutor that breath-analyzer report was not accurate and it would not stand any chance in the court.

The breath analyzer tests are done on Intoxilyzer 5000 machine. The machine assumes that the body temperature, at the time of the test, is normal. However, in a reality, if someone has fever, a single degree increase in the body temperature will cause the alcohol-levels on the machine to spike by up-to 7%.

As per the police report, I had a high fever at the time of the arrest, hence the breath analyzer test could not have been trusted.

My DUI attorney, Andrea also told the prosecutor that she had meticulously observed the video-recording. At the time of taking statements at the accident site, MIRANDA Warning was not read-out to me.

Every arresting officer has to read aloud “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court. You have the right to talk to a lawyer for advice before we ask you any questions. You have the right to have a lawyer with you during questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without a lawyer present, you have the right to stop answering at any time.”

(Learning 7: Your DWI attorney should know about the technicalities of tests and legal procedures better than the cops and the prosecutors.)

The prosecutor and Andrea debated, discussed, argued and tried to convince each-other. I was getting the feeling that public prosecutor was losing his confidence. It was clearly visible, he had understood that these 2 procedural mistakes will be of great disadvantage to prosecution’s standing.

The prosecution now wanted to do a plea-bargain. They wanted to drop the DWI charges, if I pleaded guilty of reckless driving, which Andrea and I happily agreed.

I pleaded guilty for reckless driving, They let me off on a huge fine. Thankfully, My DWI was beaten and I didn’t have to do any jail time, and didn’t lose my driving privileges.

(Learning 8: Plea-bargaining is very common when prosecution feels that their charge is weak. A good DWI attorney can do a great bargaining in your favor).

I can never thank my DWI attorney enough. I can imagine, if Andrea was not smart and had not paid attention to small details. This DWI could have cost me almost my life.

My DWI got beaten. May be, because I was not over the permissible legal limits, and fever had spiked the breath-analyzer results unfairly. But one thing was sure, I had made a huge mistake by drunk-driving.

(Learning 9: Hire a local, drunk-driving expert DWI attorney to fight your DWI. It can make or break your DWI case.)

I was unlucky to get into such a big trouble. But, I also feel very lucky to finally come out of it. I thank God that I didn’t kill anyone including myself on the road. Lucky, that I found Andrea as my DWI attorney.

It was wrong, stupid, careless and irresponsible. I have not done any drunk-driving ever since.

Feel free to write to me, in case you want to know more about my learnings from the experience.

(Learning 10: Never do drunk-driving. Save yourself and save others. A DWI attorney, however good, won’t be able to save you each time.)

If you are facing a DUI, you definitely need to go through our DUI FAQs.

You should also check some useful information on Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Do write your comments or questions below. We promise, you will definitely hear-back from us.









October 2020 | 11 Secrets DUI lawyers don’t want you to know | DUI lawyers near me.

DUI Lawyers near me_Featured

“Oh! My DUI lawyer near me, never told me so.”

No one tells you their trade secrets. Lawyers are no different. We are a groups of lawyers ourselves, and I do understand that every DUI lawyer near me is not open to share his tricks.

Let’s read on the article to know a few secrets that I wish my DUI lawyer near me had told me, before I found it out myself, off-course the hard way.

While I don’t want to criticize the DUI lawyers near me.  But the fact of the matter is, all lawyers are good talkers, after all they get paid for talking only. Talking Right, and many a times, Talking not so right.

11 Secrets that my DUI lawyer never told me.

DUI Lawyers near me_1.1

  1. My DUI lawyer never told I didn’t even need him.

You probably don’t even need a DUI lawyer. A lot of information that you need is anyways available online. If you are able to weed-out the crap and utilize the reliable resources that are available on the web and YouTube, most of your queries will be solved.

Read our article to know, when you don’t even need a DUI attorney.

May be the fine amount, penalty, jail-time or community services that you would have to do, are set by the law. There’s no way your DUI attorney can get it reduced or waived off.

DUI Lawyer near me_3.2

  1. My DUI lawyer told that refusing a Blood or Breath test is treated as an admission of drinking.

That’s not the case at all. If you refuse a Breath-test, Blood-test or the Sobriety-test. It is not automatically taken as an admission of the guilt. Most states take it as a presumptive evidence, which you can always defend later.

Many a times, we have seen people successfully defending the refusals on medical grounds etc.

DUI attorney near me_3.3

  1. As per my lawyer, Field Sobriety tests are considered as strong evidence.

The three most common field sobriety tests are the Eye-Jerking test, 9 step-walk & turn and 30 seconds stand on one leg. They do these tests to determine specific type of blood alcohol levels, but in no way they can prove the impairment.

Courts don’t consider these tests as very strong evidences, as they are hardly 70% reliable.

For an example, The Horizontal Nystagmus Test (HGN) is anyways found positive in almost 10% of population, even if they had no alcoholic history at all. Many medical conditions such as vertigo, inner ear infections, Meniere’s disease etc. can cause eyes to jerk. The administering police officer moves the object (may be a pen) back and forth, and doesn’t stop until there’s an eye jerk. So, the authenticity or admissibility of all field sobriety tests can be challenged and defended.

DUI Lawyer near me_3.4

  1. My breath-test came 0.9, as per the DUI lawyer near me, I am in a big trouble.

Policemen do the state-administered Breath analyzer tests on Intoxilyzer 5000 breath testing machine. There are many flaws in this machine’s mechanism. The results of Intoxilyzer 5000 are not always accurate and lawyers can beat them in the court.

It considers your temperature to be normal. In case of fever, a single degree increase in your temperature can cause the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels to rise by up to 7%.

It considers the Partition Ratio to be 1:2100. It means for every particle of alcohol in your lungs, 2100 particles of alcohol are assumed to be in your blood. However, in reality, the partition ratios in humans can vary from 1:1500 to 1:3400.

It assumes that your blood alcohol levels are now on a decrease. However, for blood alcohol levels to peak, it may take 30 minutes on an empty stomach and about 2 hours on a full-stomach, post which it starts decreasing. If they do your breath-test before you peak, then there may be up to 50% higher alcohol in your breath than blood. Breath alcohol comes from arteries and blood alcohol comes from your veins.

Apart-from the above, there can be variation in results depending on deep-lung breath. Radioactive frequency, like mobile signals, can also affect the machine’s accuracy.

In-fact, even in the police manuals, it’s often mentioned that Intoxilyzer 5000 machine, if calibrated after each test (not after the prescribed 3 months) has given up to 80 errors in a month.

What all the above means is, even positive breath tests can be beaten.

DUI Attorney near me_3.5

  1. My boyfriend and I consumed about the same amount of Alcohol, I asked a few DUI lawyers near me. Why did I test much higher BAC levels than him?

The same body size woman having had same amount of alcohol, tests more blood alcohol than a man. This is a clinical fact. So, yes, the blood tests are partial to women.

I have seen many DUI lawyers near me, who have beaten the DUIs for female offenders on this ground.

Likewise, two males who weigh almost the same and have had the exact same amount of alcohol, the one who has more body fact will test more blood alcohol. This is because of the fact that fat holds less water than the muscle, and thus burns less alcohol from the blood.

What all the above means is, Blood tests are also subjective and can be beaten.

DUI Lawyers near me_3.6

  1. A DUI lawyer near me told that all public prosecutors want to drag the DUIs to trials.

This is definitely NOT TRUE.

All public prosecutors, in all the states, are over-burdened and over-worked. They would always try first to make you plead-guilty so that the case doesn’t go for the trials. And, if you refuse to plead guilty, they will try to do a plea-bargain to close the case as quickly as possible.

Public prosecutors have to deal with so many cases. For an example, as a public prosecutor, I would want to focus on a felony charge, rather than a DUI.

The plea-bargain is always a better option for anyone who is facing a DUI. I have seen many a times, DUI lawyers near me doing effective plea-bargain and getting you plead guilty of reckless driving than DUI.

DUI Lawyers near me_3.7

  1. I want to plead guilty but the DUI lawyer near me told I should do it at the arraignment.

If the DUI lawyer near me wants to wait till the arraignment for me to plead guilty, I would understand that he is not prepared with the evidence yet.

The arraignment is the formal reading of charges by the public prosecutor to the defendant, this is the first thing that happens in any trial whatsoever. Once the defendant and his attorney have understood the charges well, they start preparing for their defense.

Most courts don’t provide the evidence copies to DUI attorneys, until the arraignment, or sometimes until 10 days before the trial. A sharp DUI lawyer near me, would procure the copy of police report and video evidence beforehand to decide whether to plead guilty or not.

DUI Lawyer near me_3.8

  1. The DUI lawyer near me quoted me an exorbitant fee.

All DUI lawyers near me negotiate their rates. They all sound pretty non-negotiable though.

Lawyers and attorneys operate in a very competitive market. There are plenty of good-bad options available for you. When you walk into a law office, or initiate a call to a DUI attorney, they want to close the deal no matter what. Be patient, don’t sound too desperate and you will definitely end up getting a much better deal.

Again, it’s better to hire an attorney on a fixed rate rather than on the hourly one.

DUI Lawyers near me_3.9

  1. I want to hire a DUI lawyer near me, who has studied DUI as specialization.

Studying Law is not like studying medicine. For someone to be a Neurosurgeon, He has to take Neuroscience as his specialization in college of medicine. A doctor doesn’t graduate to be a pediatrician and neurologist at the same time. Imagine someone doing an open-heart surgery to you, and he has never done it before. This can pretty much happen in the case of lawyers. A lawyer representing you in a murder case might not have dealt with murder case any time before in his life.

Law schools offer no specializations, or specialized trainings. Everyone studies the same thing, and then start practicing different subject-matters of law after they pass-out of college. A Divorce lawyer and DUI lawyers can be the classmates, having studied the exact same subjects.

DUI Lawyer near me_3.10

  1. The DUI lawyers near me is always busy in court trials.

90% of legal work happens on mails, emails and phone calls.

Television and movies highly dramatize the Law profession. We imagine a sharp minded lawyer who wears a jet-black suit and shouts out on opposition lawyer in a packed court-room all the time for you cause. Well, that mostly is not the case.

Trust me, I was paying a really high fees to a DUI lawyer near me, just to make a couple of phone calls to the policemen or the prosecutors, whom he might even be friends with. It may be about filling up a few blanks in the forms that they might have done a thousand times before.

DUI Lawyer near me_3kjm

  1. As per the DUI lawyer near me, it’s an open and shut case. I should be able to beat the DUI easily.

Drunk-driving puts so many lives at risk. You should never expect to beat a DUI easily. Yes, it’s possible to beat a DUI, but it can never be easy. A DUI lawyer near me uses his experience and relationship with cops, prosecutors and judges to highlight the flaws in the alcohol tests and legal procedures to give you the benefit of doubt.

A small opening, in the form of an error by policeman, can be widened to beat the DUI.


Law profession is most mis-perceived profession. Thanks to TV and movies, we have built a perception that Law practice is all about court-room arguments. The truth of the matter is, all DUI lawyers near me spend about 90% of their time on phone and mails.

The law community is very small. Prosecutors, Cops, DUI lawyers near me, as well as the judges meet each-other often. They have no choice but to build a good relationship with each other. More often than not, the DUI lawyer near me called the prosecutor, spent 90 of call-time talking about their wives and kids and then remaining 10% time on my DUI case.

The most important fact is, every party i.e. cops, DUI attorney, as well as the Public prosecutor don’t want the case to go the trials. They first want you to plead-guilty. If they find a hard nut in you to crack, they start the plea-bargains.

Breath Analyzer tests, Blood Alcohol Tests, and the Sobriety tests can have flaws, They are not 100% reliable. A good DUI lawyer near me always had a chance to prove them wrong. And, your refusal for any of these tests at the time of the arrest doesn’t have adverse effect on your DUI case.

If you are facing a DUI, the most important question that you need to ask yourself is, has the DUI lawyer near me had enough DUI cases under his belt?

You should always negotiate the fee from the DUI lawyer, and ask him to take the case to the plea-bargaining.

If you are facing a DUI, you definitely need to go through our DUI FAQs.

You should also check some useful information on States of California, Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Do write your comments or questions below. We promise, you will definitely hear-back from us.

October 2020 | Looking for a DWI Lawyer? | Don’t make these costly mistakes when hiring a DWI Lawyer.

DWI Lawyer_Featured

Are you facing a DWI? If Yes, You must be looking for the best DWI lawyer around.

A DWI arrest can be one of the most traumatizing thing that can happen to anybody. Everyone immediately goes searching for the top DWI lawyer to help them beat the DWI.

But, how do we shortlist the most-suitable DWI lawyer?

Can you imagine? 80% of people hire the FIRST DWI lawyer that they speak to.

Drunk-Driving puts so many lives at risk, All states consider it a very serious crime and it results in some really serious consequences:

  • You may be jailed for months, if not years.
  • DWI lawyers’ fees and the court fines may burn your years’ savings or/and put you into huge debts.
  • You lose the liberty to drive. The driving license may get suspended for up to one year.
  • Puts your career/job at risk.
  • In addition, there’re social and family issues that you may have to deal with.

Feeling scared and concerned, we tend to lose our judgmental ability and make the emotional search for a DWI lawyer.

REMEMBER. Lawyers are very cunning people. All lawyers are good at talking, after-all, they are paid for talking only. They immediately sense our vulnerability, and tell us only what we want to hear, and you end-up hiring him/her in the first meeting itself. We don’t even care to explore more options.

Read our other short article on how to shortlist the DWI Lawyer.

Don’t make these costly mistakes when hiring a DWI Lawyer:

1. The DWI Lawyer should have at-least 30 successful DWIs in your state.

DWI Lawyer_4.1

This is one check-point we always suggest. It’s always better to hire a local DWI lawyer, who should have fought at-least 30 successful DWIs, and should be expert of your own state laws.

DWI laws differ state to state. A very successful lawyer in other state may not be equally good in your state.

If you hire a DWI lawyer, who has been very successful in some other state, he might not even be registered at your state’s bar association. He may also not have a license to practice in your state. He would still not decline your case, and would take the help of some junior local lawyer of your state to fight your DWI. You can understand that he will not be able to do justice to your DWI case.

At the same time, it’s equally important that the local DWI lawyer that you are choosing has enough experience to call himself a DWI expert.

Law education, unlike other degrees, does not have any specializations in their academics. A divorce lawyer and a felony lawyer might be classmates, who studied the exact same subjects. So, it’s pretty much possible that a criminal lawyer who has practiced for 20 years, has hardly dealt with 2-3 DWI cases.

Hence, we have this 30 DWIs parameter in place. A DWI lawyer who’s had 30 DWI cases in just 5 year career is way better that a criminal lawyer who has had 5 DWI cases in his 20 year long career.

2. Your DWI Lawyer should know about the field tests better than the officer who tested you.

DWI Lawyer_4.2

Many DWI lawyers want their clients to plead guilty straightaway, basis the breath-analyzer report, blood-alcohol report or field-sobriety test results.

The fact is, all these tests can be flawed, and can be challenged successfully in the court.

Breath Analyzer test is done on Intoxilyzer 5000 machine.

It considers your body temperature to be normal. In case of fever, every single degree increase in body temperature will rise the alcohol level to up-to 7% on the machine.

It assumes a partition ration of 1:2100. It means for every particle of alcohol in lungs, 2100 particles are present in your blood. But, in reality, the partition ratio varies from 1:1500 to 1:3400.

It considers that your alcohol levels have already peaked, and are on the decrease now. But in reality, it may take up to 30 minutes on an empty stomach, and 2 hours on full stomach for alcohol levels to peak. The breath shows up to 50% more alcohol levels before the peak.

Blood Alcohol Tests can be flawed too. These tests can be partial to women. If a man and a woman of about the same body type, consume the same amount of alcohol, at the same time, the woman may test up to 50% higher blood alcohol levels.

And, people with more body fat will test higher alcohol than a muscular man. Fat holds less water, thus burns less alcohol from the body.

Field Sobriety tests can never be reliable, and don’t stand in courts. The most common sobriety tests are: Eye-Jerking tests, 9 Step walk & turn and one-leg stand. As per a study, 10% of people who had no alcohol history at all also failed these tests.

3. Your DWI Lawyer should know about the procedures better than the officer who arrested you.

DWI Lawyer_4.3

In all the states, there are certain rules of procedures that your arresting officer must follow. Your DWI lawyer must have in-depth practical knowledge of these procedural rules. If he does, he will, more often than not, be able to find some faults in the ways the arrest and the tests have been administered.

Even a smallest of the faults in the procedures can make the arrest and the tests doubtful. A good DWI lawyer maneuvers through the processes to find these faults and then builds your DWI case around it. We have experienced many a times that the courts have trashed away all the test results, just because the policeman made a small procedural mistake.

Let’s take an example of a breath-analyzer test. The breath analyzer tests on Intoxilyzer can be declared flawed if:

  • The test was done by the person who is not certified for the tests.
  • The machine’s certification has expired.
  • The machine is not calibrated as per latest standards.
  • The mouthpiece needs to be changed for each test. It was not done.
  • The administering person has not taken the accurate logs of the machine.
  • The officer has to observe you for at least 20 minutes before the test. He didn’t wait, or waited for lesser time.
  • The temperature, at the time of the test, was not recorded.

Likewise, there are set of procedures for each test. Your DWI lawyer should know them well to use the procedural error to you advantage.

4. Your DWI Lawyer should have good relationships with local cops, prosecutors and even with judges.

DWI _4.4

You need to dig deeper when it comes to hiring the best local DWI lawyer for you.

The law profession is highly misperceived profession. Thanks to TV and Movies, we assume law profession is all about court room battles.

Again a fact-check for you. 90% of legal-work happens on calls and emails. All that you might be paying for is, a couple of occasional phone calls by your lawyer to the prosecutor or the cops to get some details on your case.

That’s why we always recommend you to hire the experienced local lawyers. They get to spend so much time with local prosecutors, policemen, investigators and judges that they tend to know each other very well.  A lawyer who is not friendly with other lawyers, prosecutors and judges may ruin your chances. At the same time, a DWI lawyer who has friendly relationships with all the parties can extract so much of information for you, which can even help you beat your DWI.

Don’t be surprised, if the prosecutor and the defense attorney who are fighting your case in the courtroom today, may be golfing together tomorrow, and the presiding judge also joins in. Don’t you think you stand better chances with this well-connected DWI lawyer?

5. Even good DWI lawyers negotiate their pricing.

DWI lawyers_4.5

The law profession is highly competitive. All lawyers negotiate their pricing, however good and experienced they may be.

When you call a DWI lawyer, or walk-into a law firm, their only motto is to make you hire them no matter how.

We are not at all saying that you should compromise on the quality of your DWI lawyer. You should never lower your standards (as we have discussed in this article above). At the same time, you don’t want to burn your hard-earned money just because you didn’t negotiate well.

Yes all good things come at a cost. But, there is a scope of negotiations even there.

Just paying high fees, doesn’t guarantee you would get the best DWI lawyer. Likewise, paying a discounted fee to your DWI lawyer doesn’t mean, he will give less attention to your case. Remember, for every good DWI lawyer, his reputation and winning record is very important.

A DWI is a very expensive thing. A DWI lawyer charges you about $1000 to $1500 for your DWI. The lawyers’ charges also depend whether you plead-guilty or if you want to go for the trials. In case of trials, the charges may vary from $3000 to $5000.

Then, it involves other costs too. There are court charges and DWI classes’ fee. You may also have to lose your livelihood for some time.

In these difficult times, it’s very important to save every single penny that you can.

6. Hire a DWI attorney who is “Comfortable to deal with”.

DWI Lawyer_4.6

People have often complained that they are not comfortable asking questions to their DWI lawyers.

The last thing that you want is, that your DWI lawyer is constantly nagging you, he is being judgmental about you as a person. He gets irritated when you ask questions, is not co-operative when you need some flexibility, and he is not sharing the progress of the case with you.

Well, you need to prepare for this beforehand. This should be one of your key priorities while hiring the DWI lawyer. If in the first meeting itself, you feel intimidated and uncomfortable. You should drop this DWI lawyer immediately without caring much about how good he is otherwise.


Facing a DWI? You are bound to feel stressed and vulnerable. Better news is about 60% of DWIs get beaten in courts.

The DWI brings with it a lot of heavy consequences. You may be about to lose your years’ saving or incur a huge debt. A jail-term may seem inevitable. You feel sure of losing your driving privileges for a long time. There are social and family pressures that you may have to deal with etc.

In such difficult times, it’s very easy to lose your peace of mind, and you are prone to lose your judgmental abilities as well.

DWI lawyers know your state of mind. They know you are stressed, concerned, scared, emotional and vulnerable. They want to use your vulnerability to their advantage. Their only motto is to prove their worth and make you hire them.

Yes, it seems difficult but you have to be patient and calm. Make a checklist that you definitely want to tick while searching for a potential DWI lawyer.

  • You want a lawyer who is a DWI expert and has won at-least 30 DWIs successfully.
  • You definitely want a DWI lawyer, who is locally practicing in your state.
  • Don’t burn your money thinking that more money will get you a better DWI lawyer.

If you are facing a DUI, you definitely need to go through our DUI FAQs.

You should also check some useful information on Motor Vehicles Department’s website.

Do write your comments or questions below. We promise, you will definitely hear-back from us.











October 2020 | Facing a DUI? You may not need a DUI attorney. Let’s hear the real stories.

DUI Attorney

Do I really need a DUI attorney?

If you ask this question to a lawyer. He will tell you that there’s no way you can go without a DUI attorney. He will prove himself to be a necessity, and more often than not, you will end-up hiring him. After all, all lawyers are witty, and they get paid for talking.

So, if I am facing a DUI, Do I need a DUI attorney?

Well, not always, there are times you don’t need an attorney.

And, there are times, you do need an attorney.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a common and serious crime in all the states. Since it puts so many people at risk, the consequences of a DUI are also very serious.

Depending on the factors such as your past criminal record, past Drunk-Driving record, someone got injured or died because of your drunk-driving etc. You might face a jail term, hefty fines, suspension of your driving license, attending DUI classes, Community service, house-arrest, probation or installation of Ignition Interlock Device (IID is a device that is installed in your vehicle by the authorities, and if it smells any alcohol it locks the ignition of your vehicle).

Let’s hear it from people who have faced DUIs.

DUI Lawyer

“I didn’t need a DUI attorney” -Jeffery, New York City.

Read Jeffery’s Story:

I was out watching a football game at a sports bar with some of my friends. We were all drinking. I knew I was to drive home after the game. So, I kind of, put a bar on my bar access.

After the game, most of my friends were heavily drunk. I was proud of my restraint then.

We all went separate ways, driving our separate vehicles. Guess, who was caught by the cops, the soberest of all, ME.

On the way home, I got pulled-over by the cop. He first told me that my car’s tail light was broken. I was aware of it, so I apologized. While we were talking, he somehow figured that I was not completely sober. He asked me to breathe-into the analyzer, and the BAC was 0.9, just above the permissible limit of 0.8.

He did some more tests, made me stand on one leg, made me read a booklet to see if my voice was slurry, threw the flash-light on my face to see if my eyes were red. Thankfully, all these tests were negative.

He arrested me. I spent the night in jail, and kept cursing myself for the mistake.

The next morning, cops asked me, If I needed to contact a lawyer. After understanding the minimum cost that it would require, I told I was not able to afford the DUI attorney.

They provided me a public defender (PD), and I was released on a bail-bond.

On the day of my court hearing, when judge asked, if I had consumed the alcohol. I admitted and apologized.

After a brief hearing. The judge ordered my license suspension for 6 months, and fined me $500. I was happy because If I had hired a DUI lawyer, It would have cost me at-least $3000 or more.

Guess, the judge was lenient because the BAC level was not too high (just 0.9). I had passed all other tests, and I was not driving recklessly or at high speeds.

Nevertheless, this incident changed a lot in me. I thank God that I didn’t end up hurting anybody on the road. Realized my big mistake, and have never had a drink ever since.

DUI Attorney_2

“I couldn’t afford a DUI attorney” -Roger, Chicago.

Read Roger’s Story:

You always think that DUI is a thing of young drivers. Well, I faced a DUI at the age of 57.

My wife and I had a drink at home. We both decided to drive-out for an un-important adventure. We both were pretty sure that we were well below the permissible limit.

Not too far away from home, when we saw the flash lights, we thought it was because of our speed.

We pulled over, the officer asked us if we were drinking in the car, we said NO. He asked us to come out of our car, and started searching the car. Obviously, he found no alcohol in the car.

He asked us, if we were drinking. We said Yes (We were very confident that we had not crossed the prescribed limit.) The officer asked us to accompany him to the police station. We insisted that he should do the breath-analyzer test. He refused, he was abusive with me and my wife (Thankfully, Some shopkeepers confirmed it later).

At the police station, on our insistence, he did the breath-analyzer test on me and my wife. She was well below the limits, but to my surprise I had tested 0.12, way beyond the prescribed BAC limits of 0.8.

I called a local lawyer, who helped us secure the bail, and we came out of police station.

Now, we had to decide as to how we needed to represent ourselves in the court-hearing, which was a week away.

We spoke to a couple of DUI attorneys, they seemed good but their minimum charges, even after the so-called heavy discounts, were out of our reach. Yes, we couldn’t afford a DUI lawyer to represent ourselves in the court.

We did a lot of research on the internet, and found out that the policeman had made a very big procedural error by not doing the breath-analyzer test immediately at the time of the arrest. This seemed like a ray of hope, and we started waiting for the court date.

On the first hearing day, the judge was not lenient, but we said sorry and told him about police officer’s mistake, that he had not done the breath-analyzer test immediately.

On the next hearing day, Court’s own inquiry took the statement of the shopkeepers, and they confirmed of the misbehavior of the police officer.

Seeing the weak police case, the public prosecutor approached us, and we did a plea-bargaining. Prosecution dropped the DUI charges, and charged us for reckless driving and we happily pleaded guilty for the same.

Yes, I beat the DUI without a DUI lawyer. And, I vowed to never mix drinking and driving again. I don’t hope to be lucky twice.

DUI Attorney_2.4

“Happy, I found a good DUI attorney, can imagine what would’ve happened to me otherwise” -Christine, Los Angeles.

Read Christine’s Story:

I was always a good kid. I was great at academics, sports as well as community service. My parents were always proud of me, and then one day, it all changed.

I was 22 years, and I went for a party at my friend’s place with my boyfriend. I drank carelessly, without worrying about driving back home, as my boyfriend had assured me that he would not drink too much and will drive me home.

But guess what? He was in a worse situation. I had no option but to drive.

My home was near-by so it didn’t seem to be a very big deal, but very soon I knew I was wrong.

When I saw lights flashing in the mirror, I knew I was in a very big trouble. I had to pull over, they did the sobriety tests, I failed. They did the breath-analyzer tests, and I blew 0.10.

I didn’t know how to face my parents, but had no option but to call my father. Cops took me to the police station. My DUI attorney, Mark arrived in next half an hour. He did something magical, got a few signatures from me and they  immediately released me on a bail. Everyone at the police station, seemed to behave better after Mark had come.

My family and I trusted our DUI lawyer, and he asked me to plead guilty. Thankfully, They did not send me to jail, and  rather sent me for community service. I also had to attend DUI classes. I also faced a license suspension for 6 months.

But, I didn’t have to do jail time, and court fine was also not that high.

Going through the DUI was a big wake-up call for me. I realized my mistake, and promised myself not to repeat it again.

Lucky to have had Mark by my side. I recommend everyone to have a good DUI lawyer by their side.


We hear such stories all the time. Our aim here is not to change your perception about the DUI attorneys, or we are not telling that you don’t need them at all.

However, it’s very important to understand your unique situation, and then decide to hire or represent yourself in a DUI.

When you don’t need a DUI Attorney

You probably won’t need help of an attorney, if it was your first DUI. There were no injuries to anyone, there’s a clear procedural error from the police, or when you are looking to plead guilty any ways whatsoever.

If you were far above the prescribed limits, and the arresting police officer has additional evidence of an influence (reckless driving, injury to someone, slur in  speech etc.) then you are going to face a conviction irrespective you hire a DUI lawyer or not.

However, if you can afford or access, it’s better even in these cases to hire an attorney.

When you DO need a DUI Attorney

Plea-Bargaining: If it’s a case, where the prosecution foresees a long-legal battle and multiple trials, they are often ready to do a plea-bargain. You can do it yourself, but it’s always better to use an experienced attorney to do the bargain on your behalf. Trials are long, expensive and tedious for you as well as the government. To save everyone from the long-trials, the prosecution can offer a plea bargain to close the case quickly.

Sentence-Bargaining: Most prosecutors will be ready to reduce your sentence, in the exchange of a guilty-plea before the case goes for the trial.

If you are facing a second or third DUI, you might face a jail term of months, if not years. An experienced DUI attorney can definitely do a better bargain with the prosecution, than how you will be able to do it for yourself.

If it’s a case of drug influence, the attorney can negotiate with the prosecution and they can convert some part of your jail term to community-service or house arrest.

Public Defenders (PDs) and pro-bono attorneys:  if you are not able to afford an attorney, all states provide you a free public defender, Obviously, they might not pay as much attention and time to your case, as a paid-lawyer would do. But, if you cannot afford a paid lawyer, this option is definitely better than representing yourself. Read our article to understand how you can get free DUI attorneys.

It’s very difficult to decide whether to go for the DUI lawyer or to represent yourself. You don’t want to ruin even smallest of any chances that you can have, and at the same time you cannot burn all your money on a DUI attorney.

We suggest, it’s always better to do at-least one free consultation with an attorney, it will help you understand your case better, and then you can decide whether to hire him or go solo.

if you are facing a DUI, you definitely need to go through our DUI FAQs.

You should also check some useful information on United States Department of Transportation website.

Do write your comments or questions below. We promise, you will definitely hear-back from us.

October 2020 | Facing a First time DUI? | Ways to reduce Cost and Penalties of First Offense DUI.

First Offense DUI

Our readers often ask, Is law lenient on first offense DUI?”, “What are the costs and penalties of first offense DUI?”, “Can a first offense DUI be beaten?” and “How long do I lose my license after my first offense DUI?

Are you also facing a first offense DUI? If Yes, You will find all your answers in this article.

Our panel of DUI lawyers has also created a list of DUI/DWI FAQs, You must go-through it once to have a detailed understanding of what to expect in a DUI charge.

All states consider first offense DUI a ‘Misdemeanor’.  The subsequent DUIs are treated as felony, and attract harsher punishments.

However, Even the first offense DUI/DWI or the first time DUI/DWI comes with a lot of serious present and future consequences.

The first offense DUI hurts you a lot: It burns a lot of your money (First offense DUI costs a lot of money, say about $6000 to $10000). You lose your freedom (First offense DUI can result in a jail term up-to 6 months). You lose your driving privileges (Your Driver’s license may get suspended for up to 1 year) and so-on. In the midst of all this, losing your mind is most-obvious.

More than 2 million US citizens were arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in 2019. Many of them are currently fighting their DUI, and some of them are even in jails.

How to Reduce Cost and Penalties of a First Offense DUI?

Arrest and Booking In case of First Offense DUI

9.1_First Offense DUI

If cops pull you over on a suspicion of drunk-driving. They do some field sobriety tests and/or Breath-Analyzer test on you.

If they find you intoxicated, they handcuff you and take you to the station. They do some more tests at the station, i.e. Blood Alcohol Test and Chemical Tests to further confirm that you were driving under the influence.

Cops strip off everything except your clothes and put you into a holding cell.

The booking report generally reads: Suspect Tom Nichols. Inventory black leather wallet, containing identification, two credit cards, and $145; 4-door black Nissan Altima, impounded.

Policemen do their routine paperwork. Sometimes take your statements and send (mostly on email) the charge-sheet to the local District Attorney (DA)’s office.

The arresting officer and District Attorney (DA) discuss your case on phone, and then DA fixes a bail amount for you.

You are allowed to make a call. Someone can come, deposit the bail amount and take you home.

If you are arrested for your first offense DUI. You are advised to co-operate with your arresting officer.

If your arresting officer is some-what lenient on you, you can get a lesser charge on your charge-sheet. He may also hurry up the process of the bail and the release. The bail amount can also be set to the lowest possible etc.

You should also politely refuse to give any statements. You can chose to give it later, in the presence of your DUI lawyer.

Hire a Lawyer, who is local and First Offense DUI specialist.

9.2_First Offense DUI

A DUI lawyer can be a huge factor in the outcome of your DUI.

Do you know? 90% of people who are facing a first offense DUI hire the first lawyer that they come-across.

Why He needs to be a First Offense DUI Expert? A DUI lawyer with just 5 years’ experience and 50 DUIs under his belt, is much better than a criminal lawyer who has 15 years’ experience and has dealt with just 5 DUIs in his career.

A First offense DUI lawyer should know about the tests and procedures, even better than then officers who have administered them.

He tries to find faults in the way the tests were conducted and in the way procedures were followed. A small mistake on the part of the authorities can help you beat you first offense DUI.

Why your first offense DUI lawyer has to be local? DUI laws differ state-to-state. Many a times, people end up hiring a DUI lawyer who is a big shot in some other state, but hasn’t practiced much in your district or state.

Local first offense DUI lawyers, over the time, develop good relationships with District Attorneys (DA), prosecutors, policemen, and even with judges. It’s of so much advantage to your case. You may get a good plea-bargaining which can reduce your DUI to reckless driving or other lesser charge.

Do you know? All prosecutors are over-worked and Over-burdened and 90% of First Offense DUIs don’t go for trials.

You must go through our free guide on how to choose a lawyer for your first offense DUI. This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you choose the best DUI lawyer and to beat your DUI.

Court fines and Penalties for First Offense DUI

9.3_First Offense DUI

Court fines, in the case of first offense DUI, range from $400 to $1000. All states have laws that set minimum and maximum fine amount. Fines can also increase in some circumstances i.e. if any property was damaged, any person was injured, or if any child was risked by your drunk driving.

Court, many a times act lenient, if you cooperate with the authorities i.e. Policemen, District Attorney (DA), Prosecution and Court Officials. Your compliance to court orders shows that you are a law-abiding citizen and this first offense DUI may even be your last one.

You may not have to do ‘Jail Term’ for your First Offense DUI

9.4_First Offense DUI

First Offense DUIs don’t generally have Jail terms. Even if there’s a jail time, it’s hardly for one or two days, that can be done even on weekends.

However, the issue with jail term is, It stays on your records for your whole life. Even one or two days’ jail time will keep haunting you in one way or another.

It’s always better to hire an experienced and expert first offense DUI lawyer. Your lawyer, using his local connections and reach, can settle your case even before a trial.

It’s very common to see that good DWI lawyers do a very effective plea-bargaining in your favor. They, very often, get your DUIs converted to much lesser charge such as reckless driving.

Suspension of Driving License in First Offense DUI

9.5_DUI for first time

Irrespective of which state you are in, you lose your driving privileges even for a first-offense DUI. The time of suspension defers case to case, and state to state.

Some states issue you hardship license that allows you to drive for a few specified purposes i.e. going to work, dropping kids to school etc.

Your refusal to field sobriety tests, breath analyzer tests, or blood alcohol tests  gives right to the authorities to suspend your license immediately, even before you face the court.

A lot of first offense DUI lawyers suggest their clients to enroll for DUI classes or alcohol treatment classes even before the court judgment. This gives you a mitigating factor in the court sentencing, the presiding judge can significantly reduce your license suspension period.


9.8_First Offense DUI

If the court does not sentence a jail term. It might give you a probation. The terms of the probation depend on your sentencing judge.

The common probation terms include monthly or quarterly fines, which you need to deposit to the court. The court also appoints a probationary officer, you may have to report to him/her periodically.

Some people, even in their first offense DUIs, had to install an Ignition Interlock Device. This is like a breath-analyzer machine wired to the ignition of your vehicle. If this device detects a high level of alcohol in your breath, it locks the ignition of your vehicle.

You should adhere to all terms and conditions of your probation. Any probation violation (also called as PV) may result in huge fines or even an arrest warrant against you

Alcohol Treatments at DUI schools.

9.6_DUI for first Time

Many first offense DUI convicts have to attend mandatory assessments, education and treatments at DUI Schools.

Generally, in first offense DUI, Court orders ADETS (Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School) Education. You need to complete it in 16 hours, and minimum 5 days.

However, not everyone qualifies for the ADETS, many people have to go-through longer and stricter alcohol treatments. Some of the criteria to qualify for ADETS are:

      1. It’s your first DUI/DWI, You have had no past DUI/DWI on your record.
      2. Your BAC level was less than 0.14, at the time of the arrest.
      3. You didn’t oppose to any chemical alcohol tests.
      4. You met the criteria of level 0.5 (Early Intervention).

We advise you to go through our FAQs on DUI Schools. This is a comprehensive guide of all that you need to know about DUI classes, DUI Schools and Alcohol and Drug Treatments.

Young Offender’s First time DUI.

9.7_First Offense DUI

Even if it’s a first offense DUI, Law is even stricter on young offenders who have not yet completed the legal age of drinking i.e. 21 years.

If cops arrest a minor, under the age of 21 for drunk driving, he/she has to face two separate and serious charges. One for breaking the law of drinking before the prescribed age, and the second for drunk driving.

The permissible alcohol levels or the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit is 0.8. However, in case of underage drivers, many states reduce it by .02 points, making it just 0.6.

Many states punish minors as adults in case of drunk driving cases.

If you fall in this category of underage drinking. You need to immediately seek help from a DUI lawyer. The only way you can get a respite is, if your lawyer uses his local relationships with prosecutors and cops and they drop or reduce your charges.


Most states treat First offense DUI as misdemeanor and all subsequent DUIs  as felonies. Still, the consequences of first offense DUI can have serious short-term and long-term impact on a person’s life.

We always recommend to have a good DUI lawyer by your side.

Law, unlike other courses, doesn’t teach any specializations. A DUI lawyer and Divorce lawyer may have been classmates, who studied the exact same subjects. What sets them apart is, their experience and success rate in a particular branch of law.

It’s always better to hire a DUI lawyer, who is local. This will give you numerous advantages. A local lawyer uses his connections with policemen and District Attorneys in your favor.

You must have read above that, 90% of DUIs don’t go for trials. 60% people have their charges dropped to lesser offenses in plea-bargains.

If you are facing a first offense DUI, you definitely need to go through our DWI/DUI FAQs.

Our DUI team has compiled a list of DUI laws of all states, you should check DUI laws of your state here.

We also recommend you to go through DUI information available on California government’s DUI website.

We are a not-for-profit organization and never ask for any payments for any of our services. It feels great when we are able to help you.

Do write your comments or questions below. We promise, you will definitely hear-back from us.


October 2020 | How do I find the best DUI schools near me… | Wait! Check these govt. guidelines first.

DUI Schools near me

When we hear the question “Please suggest the best DUI schools near me”, we understand that the person is facing a DUI/DWI/OUI. He has already spent a lot of time with his lawyers and attorneys, may have visited the courthouse many a times, and by now knows a lot about DUI/DWI/OUI.

If anyone is convicted of a DUI, he faces many consequences. He may have to pay huge fees to the DUI lawyers, and deposit court fines. His license may have been suspended. He might have even done some jail time.

Apart from all these, Most DUI sentencing also requires you to attend some treatment programs at the DUI schools. This may be needed as part of the court order to get your license reinstated, or to get a limited use driving license.

If you are looking for a DUI school near you. You must read our FAQs related to DUI schools. You will be amazed to find so much of authentic information there, which will work as an eye-opener for you.

On our readers’ request, we have compiled a list of state wise government websites for the authentic information of DUI schools and their programs. Anyone looking to attend a DUI school must check the websites of their particular state.

List of Government Websites for authentic information on DUI Schools and Government Approved programs.


Time Zones

Authentic Government Resources to find authorized DUI schools near me.

DUI schools in Alabama

AL Central Time Zone Accountability Courts: Educational Programs (Alabama Courts)
Court Referral Educational Programs List (interactive map of educational programs)

DUI schools in Alaska

AK Alaska Time Zone, Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP)
Private Substance Abuse Treatment Agencies Certified by the State of Alaska for Criminal Justice Referrals (Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services)
Directory of State-Approved Alcohol/Drug Information School (ADIS) Programs

DUI schools in Arizona

AZ Mountain Time Zone Screening, Treatment and Education Facilities (Az. Dept. of Transportation)

DUI schools in Arkansas

AR Central Time Zone Drug and Alcohol Safety Education Program (DASEP)

DUI schools in California

CA Pacific Time Zone Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Programs (Ca. Dept. of Health Care Services)
Provider Directory: DUI Programs

DUI schools in Colorado

CO Mountain Time Zone Alcohol and Drug Classes and What You Should Know About Them (Co. Dept. of Revenue)

DUI schools in Connecticut

CT Eastern Time Zone Guide to Special Sessions and Diversionary Programs in Connecticut (Ct. Superior Court, Criminal Division)
Pretrial Alcohol Education Program Application (Ct. Superior Court, Judicial Branch)

DUI schools in Delaware

DE Eastern Time Zone Alcohol Program – DUI Providers (Delaware DMV)

DUI schools  in District of Columbia

DC Eastern Time Zone Traffic Alcohol Program (Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia)

DUI schools in Florida

FL Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Providers (Fla. Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles)
Florida Licensed DUI Programs (search by county)

DUI schools near me in Georgia

GA Eastern Time Zone DUI Intervention Program (Ga. Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities)
Certified DUI Schools (Ga. Dept. of Driver Services)

DUI schools near me in Hawaii

HI Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone Driver Education (Hawaii State Judiciary)
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division: Treatment Providers (Hawaii Dept. of Health)

DUI schools near me in Idaho

ID Mountain Time Zone, Pacific Time Zone Substance Abuse Treatment Providers (Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare)

DUI schools near me in Illinois

IL Central Time Zone Access to Recovery (Ill. Dept. of Human Services)

DUI schools near me in Indiana

IN Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone Court Alcohol and Drug Program (Indiana Judicial Center)

DUI schools near me in Iowa

IA Central Time Zone OWI Education (Iowa Dept. of Education)
Iowa Recovery Facility Locator (DrugFreeInfo.org)

DUI schools near me in Kansas

KS Central Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services – KDADS

DUI schools near me in Kentucky

KY Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone State Approved Substance Abuse Treatment Programs (Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services)

DUI schools near me in Louisiana

LA Central Time Zone Addictive Disorders – Louisiana Department of Health

DUI schools near me in Maine

ME Eastern Time Zone Maine Driver Education and Evaluation Programs for OUI Offenders (Maine Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services)

DUI schools near me in Maryland

MD Eastern Time Zone 12-Hour Alcohol Education (AEP) Program Requirements (Md. Dept. of Transportation)
Maryland Certified Treatment Directory

DUI schools near me in Massachusetts

MA Eastern Time Zone Substance Abuse Services (Mass. Dept. of Health and Human Services)

DUI schools near me in Michigan

MI Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone Driver Education Provider and Instructor Listings (Mich. Secretary of State)

DUI schools near me in Minnesota

MN Central Time Zone Substance abuse help paying for treatment – Minnesota.gov

DUI schools near me in Mississippi

MS Central Time Zone MASEP: A DUI Intervention (Social Science Research Center)
Alcohol and Drug Services (Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health)

DUI schools near me in Missouri

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October 2020 | Aggravated DUI is much worse. | Can an Aggravated DUI be beaten?

Our readers often ask, “What is an aggravated DUI?”, “How to beat an aggravated DUI?”, “How to reduce an aggravated DUI?”, “Is aggravated DUI a felony or a misdemeanor?”, “What is the punishment for an aggravated DUI”, “Do I have to go to jail for an aggravated DUI? and so on…..

We brought together a team of expert DUI lawyers from different states and tried to answer all possible questions on an aggravated DUI in this comprehensive article.

First thing first, All states consider the DUI as ‘Misdemeanor’. However, an aggravated DUI is a ‘Felony’ and attracts severe consequences.

Since May 2007, every state has made a law that makes driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs illegal. All states have fixed a maximum permissible Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels of 0.8.

Anyone found driving above the BAC of 0.8 faces a DUI charge. People with lower BAC levels i.e. 0.6 or 0.7 can also face a DUI, if the driver seems intoxicated, fails field sobriety tests, or commits a traffic offense.

An aggravated DUI is a DUI involving some “aggravating factors”.

It usually becomes an aggravated DUI, If at the time of arrest, you had following factors:

      • Driving with no driving license, or with a revoked or suspended driving license.
      • You had a child under 15 years in your vehicle. It’s one of the major factors for it to become an aggravated DUI.
      • You were pulled-over for over-speeding and you were found to be intoxicated.
      • Blood alcohol count (BAC) was over .14.
      • You had a prior DUI/DWI/OUI/OWI on your record. Usually the 3rd DUI becomes an aggravated DUI.
      • You were below the legal drinking age of 21 years at the time of the arrest. You will be facing two charges. One for drinking below the prescribed age, and second for an aggravated DUI.
      • Refusal for any alcohol tests i.e. Sobriety Tests, Blood Test, Breath Analyzer test or any other chemical tests.
      • You injured some property, or person (including you and your passengers).
      • If there’s a death involved in DUI/DWI, it definitely becomes an aggravated DUI.

Let’s find out how your suffer more in an Aggravated DUI.

1. Arrest and Bail in an Aggravated DUI

Aggravated DUI 1

When cops pull you over on the suspicion of drunk-driving. They first ask you to do some field sobriety tests i.e. pointing at you nose with your finger, one legged stand, straight walk and turn, eye-jerking tests etc.

They may also perform the breath-analyzer tests on you. All states use Intoxilyzer 5000 machine for the breath-analyzer test. All states permit a Blood-Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of under 0.8. So, a BAC of 0.8 or more will definitely get you in a trouble.

If the cops have determined that you were indeed under the influence, you will be facing a DUI charge. If you also had some other aggravating factors, say you had a child along with you in the car, you will face an aggravated DUI.

You are taken to the station. They strip you off everything except your clothes and you are put into a holding cell.

At the station, you may have to go-through Blood-Alcohol test as well.

Your arresting officer makes a charge sheet against you. He forwards your charges to the District Attorney (DA) and discusses your case with him over the phone. DA then fixes a bail amount for you.

You are sure to qualify for a bail in the case of a misdemeanor DUI.  However, in the case of an aggravated DUI, it depends on the severity of the aggravating factors, you may or may not get a bail.

In the case of a misdemeanor DUI, the bail amount is from $400 to 1200. However, in the aggravated DUIs the bail amount can go up to $10000.

2. Driving License Suspension in an Aggravated DUI

Aggravated DWI

In 2019, over 30000 people lost their lives in drunk-driving related cases. That is the reason, all states consider drunk driving a very serious offense.

Even if it’s a first offense DUI, or a misdemeanor DUI you are set to lose your driving license.

We may not realize the importance of a ‘Driving Privilege’, until we lose it. It affects your day-to-day life in a very big way.

In a misdemeanor DUI, people generally lose their driving license for a period of 1 month to 6 months. People can sometimes qualify for hardship licenses, which they can use only for the purposes that court has specified i.e. dropping kids to school, going to work etc.

Moreover, About 90% of misdemeanor DUIs don’t go for the court trials. Many of them are settled mutually in ‘Plea-Bargaining’ between the prosecution (Or District Attorney) and your DUI attorney. A lot of times, The DUI is reduced/converted in lesser charges i.e. reckless driving.

So, in misdemeanor DUIs, You may not lose your driving privileges for too long. However, in the case of an aggravated DUI, People lose their driving privileges for up to 10 years, and sometimes even for the rest of their lives.

 3. Fines and Penalties in an Aggravated DUI

Fines in Aggravated DUI

All states consider DUIs a big threat for the society. That is the reason, courts impose very heavy penalties and fines on DUI offenders.

All states have different rules and fine amounts for DUI offenders. However, you are sure to get a big dent on your pocket whichever state you are in.

In the case of a misdemeanor DUI, the court fine ranges from $400 to $1000. Courts, at times, also allow delayed payments and part payments.

The court fines are extremely high for aggravated DUIs. There’s no higher limit, some people facing the aggravated DUIs have had to pay a court fine as high as $10000. They may also have to pay a separate fine/penalty amount for the other aggravating charge i.e. if any property was damaged, someone was injured etc.

4. Probation and Jail Term in an Aggravated DUI

Aggravated DUI Jail

Most people charged with a DUI have to go through a probation, which is an alternate to the jail term and includes some pre-conditions and restrictions that you need to abide by.

The common probation conditions include ‘Periodic reporting and payment of monthly fines to a probation officer.’, ‘attending alcohol treatment classes’, ‘not getting any traffic tickets’, ‘Not driving with a measurable blood alcohol count (BAC)’.

If anyone fails in any of the pre-defined probation conditions, court can issue an arrest warrant against them and convert their probation to an actual jail time.

Probation is not common in misdemeanor DUIs, and almost certain in an aggravated DUI.

In growing number of DUI cases, Jail term is a mandatory part of court sentence. However, in misdemeanor DUIs the jail term is maximum of 1 or 2 days that can be done even on weekends.

In case of an aggravated DUI, the jail term is very high. The jail term, in aggravated DUIs, largely depends on the aggravating factor and its severity.

5. Alcohol Treatments/DUI Schools in an Aggravated DUI

Aggravated DUI 5

Almost in all DUI sentences, you have to attend some sort of alcohol and drug education/treatment. DUI schools, for aggravated DUI convicts, can be a very expensive and time consuming punishment.

Alcohol and drug treatment centers, also called as DUI classes or DUI schools, are spread across the country and they offer various alcohol treatment programs.

Here’s a list of most common alcohol treatment programs:

  1. ADETS education program: Hours: Minimum 16. Days: Minimum: 5
  2. Short term outpatient alcohol and drugs treatment: Hours: 20-39. Days: Minimum 30
  3. Longer term outpatient alcohol and drugs treatment: Hours: 40-89. Days: Minimum 60
  4. Intensive outpatient alcohol and drugs treatment: Hours: Minimum 90. Days: Minimum 90
  5. Inpatient/Residential alcohol and drugs treatment: Minimum 90 days.

People facing a misdemeanor DUI usually qualify for ADETS behavior training. This lasts for 16 hours, and minimum 5 days.

In case of an aggravated DUI, you may have to attend stricter treatments, which cost you more time and more money.

We advise you to go through our FAQs on DUI Schools. This is a comprehensive guide of all that you need to know about DUI classes, DUI Schools and Alcohol and Drug Treatments.

6. Higher Auto Insurance

Aggravated DUI_High Insurance Premiums

If there’s a DUI on your record, it’s almost certain that you have to pay much more (even up to double) premium to your auto insurance company.

The increase in premiums slightly varies from company to company. All companies increase the premiums for at least 3 years. In the case of an aggravated DUI, the insurance companies don’t set the premiums to normal rates until the DUI citation remains on your driving history.

Insurance companies consider you a high risk customer, so they increase the premiums to cover the increased risk. An aggravated DUI is even higher risk, hence attract even higher premiums.

 7. Loss of Time and Money

Aggravated DUI_Cost and TIme

DUIs are particularly frustrating because of the amount of money and time it consumes.

Even a first offense DUI or a misdemeanor DUI may cost you up to $8000 or more.

      • At the time of arrest, you have to pay a bail amount which ranges from $400 to $1000.
      • Lawyer’s fee ranges from $1500 to $5000 and even higher if the case goes for trials.
      • Court penalties and fines may be as high as $1000.
      • If there’s a probation. You may have to pay monthly payments to your probation officer.
      • DUI Schools may cost up to $800.
      • If court or the probation officer orders you to install an ‘Ignition Interlock device’. It costs between $70 to 150.
      • You have to pay higher premiums to your insurance companies.
      • In addition to this, you lose your livelihood (Job or business) for a long time.

Aggravated DUIs, in particular cost you much higher. The cost of an aggravated DUI depends on the severity of the aggravating factor i.e. Injury or property damage etc.

On an average, an aggravated DUI costs about $8000 to $15000. You lose your livelihood at least for 6 months’ time.


Drunk driving puts society at risk. Some innocent people may get injured, lose life or suffer heavy losses, and the impact can last for their life time. That’s why all states consider DUIs as very serious offence, and attach heavy consequences even for the first time offenders.

A normal DUI without any other aggravating factor is considered as an act of ‘Misdemeanor’. Misdemeanor crimes include simple assault, battery, theft, shoplifting, trespassing, illegal possession of arms, disorderly conduct, and other low-level offenses.

A Misdemeanor DUI usually doesn’t reach the court trials. A good DUI lawyer can negotiate with the prosecution/district attorney (DA) and get the DUI converted to a lesser charge i.e. Reckless Driving. What this means is that, you don’t even get a DUI on your driving record.

Jail time is rare and short (hardly one or two days) in a misdemeanor DUI. All costs i.e. Court fees, Lawyer’s fee, DUI School’s fee etc. are comparatively much lower.

An aggravated DUI, however, is considered a felony. If you are convicted with an aggravating DUI, You become a ‘Felon’ for the rest of your life.

In an aggravated DUI, you stand in line of serious criminals. Felonies are usually crimes that are viewed severely by society and include crimes such as murder, rape, burglary, kidnapping, or arson.

If you are facing an aggravated DUI, you definitely need to go through our DWI/DUI FAQs.

Our DUI team has compiled a list of DUI laws of all states, you should check DUI laws of your state here.

We also recommend you to go through DUI information available on California government’s DUI website.

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