October 2020 | I am looking for a DWI Lawyer near me… | Wait! Learn from the most-read “Joe’s DWI story”.

  1. I am facing a DWI. How do I find the best DWI lawyer near me?
  2. I don’t have any good DWI lawyer near me, Can I hire one from a different city/state?
  3. Do I really need a DWI lawyer near me? What can a DUI lawyer near me do for a DUI?
  4. Can I beat a DWI without a DWI lawyer near me?

Our readers ask these questions all the time.

A lot of our readers share their DWI stories with us. Our DWI research team publishes the select DWI stories on the web, and encourages our readers to learn from others’ DWI experience.

The DWI is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen to anyone. It brings with-it a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, in-stability, social-stigma, mental-agony, financial loss and many other serious consequences.

Being in a stressful situation, we tend to lose our patience and judgmental abilities. With such an unbalanced state of mind, it’s very likely to make impulsive, emotional, rash decisions (especially when it comes to hiring a DWI lawyer).

Unbelievable, but true! 90% of people hire the first DWI lawyer that they come across.

Read and learn-from Joe’s DWI story.

Finally, I am getting around to talking about it. I was just 22 back then. I decided to go for a concert, which was about 45 minutes away from my home. My friend and his friend picked me up.

At the concert, we were enjoying ourselves and having a gala time. It all started with a beer, I didn’t want to incapacitate myself and limited my intake to just two beers.  But in no time, both my friends were heavily drunk. After the concert, I had some water to sober up, by this time it had already been about an hour since we drank.

(1: I should not have thought, I would be able to keep my alcohol levels under check, especially when I had to drive soon after.)

Being the most sober, I had no choice but to drive ourselves home. I felt in complete control, so it didn’t seem like a very big deal.

I could have taken a national highway route which was fast and short. Rather, I chose the state highway all the way up. I dropped-off to both of my friends one after another.

Just when I was hardly 2 minutes away from my street, my cell phone fell off my hand. As I leaned to get it, I lost balance and the car hit a fire hydrant. It was not a very big impact, as I was on a relatively slow speed.

When I was coming out of the car, I saw two cops on the other side of the road, they were busy with someone they had already pulled over.

One of those cops came to check on me and asked, If I was drinking. I was nervous and scared, didn’t know what to say, and could say nothing. They did some field sobriety tests on me, asked me to stand on one leg, to point at my nose twice. Officer also threw flash-light on my eyes, and found them watery. I had passed all the tests.

They still ll handcuffed me and took me to the station.

I was fully aware of what was happening, I was co-operative with the cops for all their routine procedures and paperwork. They did a blood alcohol test on me, and to my horror I tested .09, just past the legal limit of 0.8. They stripped me off all my possessions except my clothes.

My booking report read: Suspect Joe Cooper. Inventory black leather wallet, containing identification, one VISA credit card, and $75; 4-door black Nissan Altima, impounded.

I was put into a holding cell. My reports were emailed to the District Attorney’s office (D.A.), they fixed a bail amount of $1000, and I was allowed to make a phone call. I called my girl-friend, who paid the bail amount and took me home.

(2: I cooperated with the authorities. I didn’t’ have any DWI lawyer near me till then)

I was ashamed of myself, couldn’t give any justifications. Thankfully, I had a very supportive girlfriend, she didn’t ask any questions at all.

Now, I faced one of the toughest questions of my life “How do I find the best DWI lawyer near me?”

My DWI hearing was a week away.

I, like many others who face a DWI, didn’t have courage to seek advice from any of my close contacts. Forget about how to answer their questions, I didn’t even know what to ask.

Internet seemed like an anonymous option. I typed on google “Cheap DWI lawyer near me” , “Best DWI lawyer near me”, “Successful DWI lawyer near me.” etc. There were plenty of DWI lawyers near me to choose from, I just didn’t know whom to pick and whom to reject, and on what grounds.

I randomly called a DWI lawyer near me, He seemed to be the best DWI lawyer that I could get. He heard my story and told that we can fight and even win this DWI. His fee ($4000) seemed pretty high to me, but I agreed to pay, I was to visit him the next day. The whole day, I kept thinking about how I would arrange the money.

(3: I made a mistake of not exploring enough options, before finalizing a DWI lawyer near me.)

I figured out I had to borrow some money from someone. I called my friend Roger (He was the one who’d picked me up for the concert). When I told Roger about the DWI lawyer near me that I had chosen, and his fee of $4000, He didn’t seem to approve of it.

I didn’t know until that moment that Roger had faced a DWI about 2 years ago. He had so much of experience that could’ve helped me in finding the best DWI lawyer near me.

(4: I should’ve sought advice from my connections, before even looking for a DWI lawyer near me.)

Roger recommended couple of DWI lawyers near me. I went to meet first of them the next day, the fees was $2500 and this lawyer seemed like a perfect bet. He told me about many DWIs that he had successfully beaten in courts. He had about 20 years’ practice and sounded helpful too.

I called Roger from the outside of this lawyer’s office, and told that I wanted to hire this DWI lawyer near me. Roger really had to work hard to convince me to meet the next DWI lawyer near me before making a final decision. I felt no need for it, but still went to this other DWI lawyer near me.

(5: I should’ve explored all my options before hiring a DWI attorney near me.)

In the evening, I met the next DWI lawyer near me. Paul sounded so sharp yet so humble. He heard me patiently, asked probing questions, and noted down all necessary details. He told me that I had a huge scope of beating down this DWI and also laid-out a brief plan on how he wanted to approach this case.

I later got to know from online reviews that Paul was the most successful DWI lawyer near me. He had about 6 years’ practice, and he had always been a DWI lawyer and a DWI expert.

I also got to know that Roger’s wife Nancy was a District Attorney (DA). Both of them were pretty well connected with all the local DWI lawyers near me, as well as with prosecutors, policemen and judges in my city. Roger’s fee was $3000. I immediately hired him and shared all my documents and details.

(6: I hired a DWI lawyer near me, who was LOCAL and WELL-CONNECTED)

Paul spent the next day talking to the local policeman and gathered the video recording of the arrest, as well as the blood alcohol report.

He met the District Attorney (DA), they were friends with each-other for long. Paul convinced the DA that my record was spot-less, I was not a big threat to the society, and how a DWI on my record will destroy my life. They struck a deal and put me on a lesser charge, instead of a DWI.

DA didn’t want me to go scot-free though, They charged me with “Reckless Driving”. No DUI/DWI on my record, 120 hours of community service and 6 months’ probation.

(7: The DWI lawyer near me told that 90% of DWIs end-up in Plea-Bargains.)

On the trial day, Paul and DA informed the presiding judge about our deal. Paul had asked me to plead ‘No-Contest’ instead of ‘Guilty’. Paul informed me that a ‘Guilty’ plea could have harmed me in subsequent trials. Say, if the district authorities wanted to sue me for the fire hydrant that I had ran into.

I was let off! I felt relieved to have finally come out of it. Yes, I was able to beat this DWI because I had the best possible DWI lawyer near me. I felt free, but not too proud of it. Since then, I have never drank before driving.

I can never thank Roger enough that he literally dragged me into meeting this excellent DWI lawyer near me.

(8: It was so IMPORTANT to hire the DWI-Expert DWI lawyer near me.

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